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We last updated this page on: February 14, 2023

Selection of our Soundtrack MusicBlack Sea

Do listen to a selection of our soundtrack music for film and audiovisual projects (17:08)

New Health Advocacy Project for Lewisham Speaking UpGateway web page for Health Advocacy Project

We are working with Lewisham Speaking Up on their new Health Advocacy Project.

This project puts people with learning disabilities at the centre of health information and action.

NHS England

We are working with NHS England on a series of leaflets about the role of genetic testing for serious health conditions.

Ruth Cooke CD - 'Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet Ferret'Cover of Ruth's Ferret CD

Ruth has completed recording and has now released her latest CD which she recorded with us.

Her previous album 'A Rose from my Mother's Garden' is available on bandcamp at:

Easy Read NHS Plan CommitmentsNHS Plan and Commitments cover

We have been working with NHS England to produce an easy read summary of the commitments which affect people with a learning disability and people with autism.

This outlines how the new plan will help improve the lives of those who are or have been living in specialist hospitals and develop community resources.

Panorama - here we go again!Whorlton Hall

The Panorama exposé of Whorlton Hall ‘hospital’ in County Durham in May this year once again shows how ‘specialist’ hospitals often behave as if they are neither specialist nor hospitals. The sheer disrespect staff showed to the learning-disabled residents was shocking – how did some of these people ever end up working in a caring profession? They seem to justify their callous behaviour by defining the residents as ‘non-people’ whose suffering is far less important than the staff’s own amusement.

I have a strong personal interest in the trials and tribulations of Castlebeck Care (the previous company who managed Whorlton Hall) – they posed as if they were the first port of call for people with a learning disability whose behaviour was seen as challenging, when in fact, they were the last place that people needed to be.

It is traumatizing to see people bullied and humiliated in their own home, the very issues which identify a resident needing specialist care become a source of humour and amusement to bored, under-trained and ignorant staff. And these organisations have taken huge amounts of public money claiming they are uniquely able to support people with complex needs or behaviour that challenges.

Shame on them!

Ruth Cooke - New AlbumCover of Ferret Album

We have been working again with Ruth Cooke - Songwriter and Storyteller.

Her new album - "Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet Ferret" will be available in September 2019. We recorded, mixed and designed the album with Ruth.

Lewisham People's Parliament

A fantastic organisation!

Find out more at the Lewisham Speaking Up website at:

Komedia comedy club

We are working with Komedia to train staff to use design software to update their bulletin, leaflets and posters.

The Disabilities Trust

We are working with The Disabilities Trust again to produce accessible materials.

NHS England

We are producing more accessible information with NHS England for their "You said, we did" feedback.

Ruth Cooke

We are finishing Ruth Cooke's music albums including recording, mixing and designing the CD booklet.

Local Government AssociationEasy Read document - Lives we want to live

We have just completed work again with the LGA on their easy read version of the 'So What, What Next?' project report.

This looks at how people with a learning disability can be best supported when they leave specialist hospitals so that they are at the centre of all decisions made about their lives.
Read the easy read version of 'So what, what next?'

We have also recently completed the easy read version of the LGA's Green Paper on social care. The document is called 'The lives we want to lead'.

More work with NHS England

As well as our regular work - producing their monthly easy read bulletin - we are also producing accessible application forms, information and equal opportunities form for NHS England.

Katrina Slack - on BBC TV and Radio

Katrina's work has been covered widely in the media - she was on BBC's Springwatch TV programme and also on the Spotlight Radio programme.

Congratulations to Katrina on her original artwork!

We designed the site with Katrina.

Find out more at:

Katrina with presenters from BBC Springwatch - Gillian Burke and Michaela Strachan

Claire Mcallister's new site

We are completely updating Claire's website under her real name, rather than Claire Phoenix.

Find out more about Claire's music and poetry at Claire's site.

Disabilities Trust

We are working with The Disabilities Trust again on their easy read Annual Review for 2016/17.

Lewisham Speaking UpLewisham Speaking Up Logo

We are working with Lewisham Speaking Up who are based at the Albany, Deptford in London.

We are revamping their accessible website with the aim of helping members and staff to update the site themselves.

Their new website is at:

Katrina Slack - artist

Artwork Artwork

We are working on Katrina's web site which displays some of the wonderful artwork of this talented artist who is based in Cornwall.

Find out more at Katrina's site:

Update: Equipment and Software

A quick update on the way otherness is moving. We have taken the plunge and acquired a great deal more professional equipment and software to develop our music/audio work.

After checking that all the changes would really improve the sound, we have now upgraded to Nuendo 11, Wavelab 10, Omnisphere 2, Komplete 10, Halion 6, Sampletank 4, Miroslav 2 orchestra, Slate, SoundToys 5, IK Multimedia and FabFilter effects, better computer, Steinberg interface, weighted keyboard, better monitors, new guitars etc etc.

Technology and software can take you only so far – but the upgrades we made have been carefully thought out. We are aiming to improve both the quality and the scope of what we are able to do. We now have far better synth and sampled sounds, improved EQ, compression, reverb and delay, guitar, amp emulation etc – and are able to record, mic and master with fewer limitations on what we do.

Why not get in touch if you are looking for music for a film or performance, audio editing for your project etc? We are offering free music clearance for selected charity/artistic work.

We can also work with you to record, develop, layer, mix and master your own music - if you have a song, a guitar and want to look at the possibilities for your music, do get in touch.

Music people - we can also help you get your music online by designing a website with you that will enhance your social media presence and will have the facility for visitors to listen to and download your music.

Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Keith and Linda

Screen grab of music software

NHS England

We are working again on the easy read newsletter for NHS England " Cross system update for Transforming Care Partnerships". This is a regiular bulletin for people with learning disabilities to keep up with developments in service provision, Care and Treatment Reviews and other issues around Transforming Care.

We are producing an easy read version of model services specifications for Transforming Care.

We have also recently worked on the easy read version of the revised Care and Treatment Reviews.

Disabilities Trust

We are working again with the Disabilities Trust to produce an accessible version of their Annual Review.

We have also produced an accessible employment contract and other documents for the Trust.

Here is a lovely quote from Helen Tridgell, Head of Marketing and Fundraising at the Trust:

"Keith has provided easy read versions of a number of our documents. His work has been professional and has provided us with documents to print, for email and for our website. He has also recently provided us with audio versions of our documents to ensure that we are reaching as many people as possible. I would recommend Keith for producing accessible information".


Group of people with a learning disability

We have upgraded to the online Photosymbols library. A big thank you to Pete and Karl for their excellent images and software. There are so many new images in the library.

Find out more at their website:

Ruth Cooke

We are recording, mixing and designing a website with Ruth, singer, writer and storyteller. More details to follow.

NHS England and Barking and Dagenham Council

We are completing a series of accessible newsletters, agenda and other materieals for NHS England.

We are also completing a diversity consultation with the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.

Video about 'Learning Together North West'

If you have a moment, please watch this video about this great organisation.

It tells you about the important work they do.

Working with Local Government Association

We are working again with Jane Alltimes from the Local Government Association on easy read materials about Transforming Care Partnerships.

London Learning Disability Strategic Network

We are working again with Debbie Robinson and the London Learning Disability Strategic Network to produce easy read information - minutes and agenda. This work is funded by ADASS.

London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

We are working again with the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham on an accessible version of their charging policy.

Liz Fletcher

We are redesigning Liz's web site and making it work better on mobile and tablet.

NHS England - People with learning disabilities and employment in the NHS

We have recently completed an easy read version of "NHS Learning Disability Employment: Tools and Guidance".

Ruth Cooke

We have been recording Ruth Cooke - a Brighton-based songwriter and storyteller.

See one of Ruth's recent videos at this link

Care and Treatment Reviews - NHS England

We have just completed an easy read version of information about Care and Treatment Reviews.

Ecological Land Coop

Keith is working with this excellent organisation to update their web site and to undertake IT work.

You can visit their current site at this address.

London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

We are working on easy read versions of the self-assessment questionnaires created by the social care team in the borough.

NHS England

We have produced easy read versions of 'Pen Pictures' which outline key situations for people who need additional support.


Keith's LinkedIn profile is now at: