Easy read information

Why easy read is important

Most people find accessible information easier to understand. It is jargon-free, with unnecessary detail taken out, and presented in a clear, attractive way.

More and more organisations recognise the importance of making their information accessible to as many people as possible.

  • Accessible information helps you reach people with low literacy, learning disabilities or people with English as a second language.
  • Accessible information can be developed alongside your mainstream information - we can create accessible documents from existing leaflets and web sites.
  • The format can be printed booklets, PDFs, web pages, audio or video - it can combine formats to produce an accessible package.

Keith has 17 years' experience creating accessible information and has produced hundreds of pieces of work.

Accessible information

Easy read wording

We get rid of the jargon.

"We will undertake a consultation to determine the views of our service users" becomes:

"We will ask service users what they think".

Large text and clear typefaces

We use 14+ point type size, extra spacing between lines and paragraphs and typefaces such as Century Gothic which are stylish and accessible.

We use short sentences, subheadings and colour.

Photosymbols and Illustrations

We have a license to use Photosymbols 4, the cutting-edge photo collection to support information for people with learning disabilities.

We can add custom photos of service users, staff, buildings and your local landmarks.

Accessible Printed documents or PDFs

We can design booklets, leaflets and posters. We can prepare accessible documents for commercial print.

We can provide PDFs for you. These can be high resolution for print, or lower resolution documents optimised for web and email.

We can send you links to examples of our previous work on request.

Audio information

We can produce your accessible information as MP3s or CDs. We have a great deal of experience of voiceovers, audio editing, composing original music and mastering audio.

We can also integrate audio into your web site to make it accessible to people who find reading difficult.

Accessible web sites

We have a lot of experience designing accessible web sites. Keith many years' experience working directly with people with learning disabilities to produce accessible information.

Your site can include the views of people with learning disabilities, news, accessible minutes and agendas, photos and links to news or resources. It offers people with learning disabilities a sense of ownership of the site.

The web site can be supported with Photosymbols and photos of service users, staff and local buildings. Audio and video can support the text.

This link takes you to the web site of the London Network of Parents with Learning Difficulties which was designed by Keith.

This link takes you to the web site of Advocacy in Greenwich. Keith designed this web site in partnership with the organisation.

Accessible videos

We work in partnership with a highly experienced film maker, editor and facilitator, Piotr Obal.

We can offer you an accessible film with voiceover, original music and subtitles tailored to your audience.

This can become a DVD or online video.

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Customers' comments

"Keith helped us communicate the Care Act 2014 changes by providing easy read material for engaging with residents and helping them to understand local policy changes.

The materials Keith produced for us were well utilised and made complicated subject matter accessible."

Glen Oldfield Care Act Project Officer, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

"Keith has worked with us to develop our accessible web site. He gave clear advice and great ideas, which has resulted in a web site we are very pleased with. Thanks!!"

Beverley Liver Director and co-ordinator at Learning Together North West

"Keith has played a vital role in starting and building our website with thoughtful design. His experience working with people with learning difficulties has led to many helpful and appropriate suggestions.

He is brilliantly fast to update and respond with all ideas and changes and makes himself readily available for any questions and/or support.

He keeps us technically up to date, making our website accessible on all formats without prompting, and a complete pleasure to work with."

Roz Anderson Parents Project Worker/Advocate at the Elfrida Society

"Keith's work at Working with Words was of the very highest quality.

Keith pushed the frontiers of Easy Read design and information for marginalised and hard to reach groups forward with every job he did at Working with Words.

This in itself is impressive, the fact that he worked totally alongside and in genuine partnership with learning disabled people as he did it was nothing short of remarkable.”

Pete Le Grys co-founder of Photosymbols

"We used Otherness to create the first Easy read versions of our leaflets, so it was very important that we had the best design to communicate the information in the most appropriate way.

We were entirely satisfied. I’d like to record that we were very impressed with the standard of work and the speed of turnaround all at a very reasonable price."

Helen Tridgell Head of Marketing & Fundraising, The Disabilities Trust

"I approached Keith Aubrey and Piotr Obal to undertake a piece of work for Greenwich Day Services for people with learning disabilities. We were looking at undertaking major service changes and looking at ways to communicate the changes in a visual way to people who use our service. We wanted an accessible DVD which we could use as part of a rolling programme of consultation sessions.

Keith and Piotr understood exactly what we were looking for and set about filming and compiling a DVD to show to people to help them understand what changes we were making and how they could choose to do different things with their days if they wanted to.

We were difficult customers and wanted changes and edits continuously. Keith and Piotr were responsive and flexible and could not have been more helpful every step of the way. Their experience of making communication accessible for people with a learning disability is clear and we are very happy with the final product."

Claire Monmirelle Day Services Resource Manager, London Borough of Greenwich

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